About Willow


The name: Willow 🌿

Willow trees have always been my absolute FAVORITE. They are so dreamy. Have you ever noticed they’re always in the most dreamy romance movies?! ✨

Back when my husband was away for 6 months (Air Force), I decided to find us a house. The VERY. last. house that I walked through majorly caught my attention and checked all of the boxes. I saw the potential… it had the land… and in the back of the property? A gorgeous willow!! … we bought the house.


These past 2 years have been some for the books. I have been a nurse for 14 years/CRNA for 9, and these have been some of the most challenging years of my career. Without going into the thick of it, (anesthesia specifically was never an issue) I have never felt so out of alignment as I have felt recently in healthcare.

I decided pretty early on in this shit storm that I needed a plan B in my back pocket. When it was time to make moves & think of a name…

I stumbled on Willow.
The meaning? FREEDOM.

The Willow tree is known for its ability to weather the storm. To bend and not break. It’s ability to grow and survive in difficult conditions. Known for its strong & deep roots, flexibility and regeneration.

For me, Willow symbolizes a new chapter. To have the freedom from anything that has forced me to abandon my true self and values. But also the freedom to have my own schedule and be my own boss.


Willow also symbolizes beauty. I want my clients at Willow to have the freedom to do what they wish without judgement. To feel absolutely beautiful & confident as we enhance their already natural beauty.

What do you think? Do you like the name?
I’m so happy you stuck around to learn where it came from. xo

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